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Neev Fund


The fund has instituted high governance standards that takes from international best practices for fund management. Embedding robust governance structures and risk management processes are vital for growing SMEs to flourish in business environments that are evolving.

The investment and exit decisions are guided by an Investment Committee that has representation from contributors, investment manager and independent industry experts. The fund also has a Limited Partners’ Advisory Committee that provides strategic direction for fund related matters. The fund has a Conflict of Interest policy to manage all potential situations of conflict.

The fund undertakes good governance institution building practices within investees to set up independent boards, risk management practices, environmental, social and governance frameworks, safe-guarding, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and codes of conduct practices.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee evaluates and provides strategic direction to the investment proposals. The IC comprises of contributor nominees, fund manager and independent industry expert bringing together a diverse and rich set of experience and shall decide unanimously for investments and divestments.

Limited Partners’ Advisory Committee

The fund has constituted an investor advisory committee comprising of representatives from the contributors and primarily decides on matters related to the fund such as conflicts of interest, material changes, related party matters, contributor rights etc.